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Fairbanks Morse Pumps PWT High Pressure Pumps

Pentair Water Pumps for Desalination, Reverse Osmosis Applications

Pentair Water - Flow Technologies, is a leader in water, wastewater pump industry and general flow technologies. It serves a range of markets, right through Desalination, Reverse Osmosis Plant applications, commercial and municipal applications, even to residential use.

Fairbanks Morse, a part of Pentair Water, has been a leader for over 100 years in the design and manufacturing of horizontal split case, vertical propeller and vertical turbine pumps for municipal water & wastewater markets as well as the industrial and irrigation markets.


Fairbanks Morse - Sea Water RO Pumps

Fairbanks Morse introduces horizontally mounted, high pressure RO pumps for Sea Water Desalination application.


  • Horizontally mounted: Keeps installation cost low, able to utilize standard, premium efficient motors, ease of maintenance
  • Diffuser bowl designed for high, premium hydraulic efficiency: reduces drivers sizes, keeps operating costs low
  • Low NPSHR 1st Stage Impeller
  • Staged design for versatility in covering multiple pressure ranges
  • Duplex Stainless Steel standard construction
  • Low pressure sealing of pump shaft
  • Flow range of 170 cubic meter/hour (750 gpm)) to 1022 cubic meter/hour (4500 gpm)
  • Max head of 760m (2500 ft)

HRO 7000 Turbine Pump for Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Fairbanks Morse offers five sizes of RO Membrane Feed Pumps for Brackish Water Application.

Capacity: Ranges from 700 - 3700 GPM

Pressure: Up to 300 PSI

Nominal Bowl Size: Ranges from 10" to 18" diameter

Efficiency: upto 87% at best efficiency point

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