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Fairbanks Morse Pumps PWT High Pressure Pumps

Pentair Water Pumps for Desalination, Reverse Osmosis Applications (contd...)

Pentair PWT Series - End Suction Pumps

The Pentair PWT series of end suction pumps are mechanically designed in accordance to ISO 5199 standard. Available in various combinations of corrosion resistant material, PWT is an excellent choice for all your pumping requirements. These are widely used in RO plants, Industrial Water Treatment, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, High Pressure Cleaning, Sea Water Desalination, etc.


Operating Data:

Capacity: 5 - 1800 cubic meter/hour

Head: 2 - 250 m

RPM: 1450 / 2900

Operating Pressure: 16 Bar / 25 Bar

Casting Test Pressure: 1.5 times working pressure

Liquid Temperature: -20 Deg. C to 120 Deg. C

Suction DN: 50 mm - 350 mm

Discharge DN: 32 mm - 300 mm

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PWTD High Pressure Multi-Stage Pump

The PWTD pumps are single casing, horizontal and section multistage centrifugal pumps, which are designed to pump clean water without solid particles, especially suitable for reverse osmosis, pipeline booster, water injection for oil-wells and mines drainage.

Operating Data:

Capacity: 54 - 540 cubic meter/hour

Head: 180 - 1264 m (Design Point)

RPM: 1480/ 2985

Max. discharge pressure: = or < 16 Mpa (depends on the different pump model)

Max. Suction Pressure: = or < 1.0Mpa

Liquid Temperature: 0 Deg. C to 80 Deg. C

Flange Standard: GB/T9113.1-2000

Suction Diameter: ø100, ø150, ø200, ø250

Discharge Diameter: ø100, ø150, ø175, ø200, ø250

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